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Buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kits from the people you trust! holds our customers up to the highest level of service possible. Our shipping makes buying Quick Fix from us a no brainer! We are rated at the top for reliable and fast delivery of your Quick Fix when you need it. There is no other fake urine kit out there with the same natural characteristics and quality of Quick Fix by Spectrum Labs. All synthetic urine is shipped discreetly for your protection.

Discreet Packaging • Specifically Balanced pH and Gravity • Guaranteed to Pass Screening

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synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
  • Urine testing procedures

    Urine testing procedures When it comes to Urine testing procedures, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you are fully prepared for it. You don’t want to be caught off guard or taken aback by anything that is going to occur. It starts with receiving the paperwork to take a urine screen. It is important to fill out this information truthfully and to the best of your ability. Once the paper work arrives, you will know what to expect and how to prepare. This consists of a timeframe of when to show up and where you will be attending this urine screening. It is vital that you mark that date down on your calendar and show up on time and ready to go. Once there, you will fill out the paperwork and wait in the lobby to be called into the back of the facility. The paperwork isn’t too difficult and just consists of your basic information. However, one should take their time when filling it out and make sure they fill it out correctly. Any incorrect paperwork or misinformation can lead to delays and issues. That is one thing that you don’t want to have to think about or deal with while at your urine screening. Once they call you back there, you will empty everything out of your pockets and be sure to have them free of anything and everything. From that point, you will be handed a cup and instructed not to wash your hands or flush the toilet. It is very important that you follow these guidelines. Then the requirements consist of filling up the cup with at least two ounces of urine at the 90-99 degree range. All of this is very specific and must be followed in order for this to be done properly and without any hitches or disruptions. If it is accepted, the nurse will check off on the temperature and you will be sent back to the front of the building. Then it shouldn’t be too long before you get the results from your employer. All in all, it is a simple process that isn’t anything to worry about or get stressed out about when thinking about it. There is no need for any fears or anxiety to enter your head. Those are just wasted worries and wasted time. Major labs like Quest Diagnostics, Alere Toxicology and Loab Corp use this as standard practice and it is a very reliable and safe way to get the right results without any headaches. As a matter of fact, believe it or not, results can be delivered on site if they use an Ecup or Iscreen which will give instant results. It is truly amazing what they can do with technology. Because of the insult results, you don’t have to waste time waiting for the phone call or wondering what the results are. You get them right away and can walk out with peace of mind and a smile on your face. That is the beauty of this system and why so many employers are using it for potential employees. Again, make sure to remember all of this before you go in and when you go in. If you do that, you will have nothing to be concerned about and can have it done in a quick and painless manner.slider1

  • Companies that urine test.

    pee in the cupWalmart is the United States' largest employer, and it wants your urine. Nor is it the only one. Many Fortune 500 companies – Cisco Systems, Costco, FedEx, UPS, Home Depot, and Lowes – and other big time employers across a variety of industries want your urine before they will hire you. In fact, recent surveys suggest that well over half of employers require a urine test. No, these companies don't all have some weird fetish; they just expect prospective employees to submit to pre-employment urine testing. This is deeply troubling for anyone concerned with sacrificing medical privacy simply in order to land a job. Thankfully, Quick Fix Synthetic urine is available to protect your privacy without compromising your employment hopes. Urine testing can provide a disturbing amount of information about a person. Depending on the tests used, it can tell the tester what you eat and drink, how much you exercise, how well your kidneys work, whether you are pregnant, and what medications you are on. It can also indicate specific bacteria or diseases you may carry along with countless other personal facts which are really none of their business. In today's data security climate, it would be foolish to trust in the diligence and discretion of testers to be able to guarantee protection of private medical information. After all, misuse of urine tests is not unheard of. The Washington D.C. Police Department, for example, admitted in 1988 to having used urine samples to screen female employees for pregnancy without their knowledge or consent. Sharing your personal medical information is not necessary to get a job, and your reluctance to do so says nothing about the kind of employee you will be. Even the United States Supreme Court has ruled that urinalysis is an intrusion on privacy both when it is collected and when it is tested. While this is relevant only to government-compelled urinalysis and not pre-employment testing, it nevertheless affirms a basic right to discretion. You have every right to keep your medical information to yourself, which is why our company was founded on the basic human principles of freedom, discretion and privacy. Quick Fix Synthetic's fake urine can shield you from invasive corporate spying and free you to shine in your new job. Guaranteed to pass all major testing facilities such as Alere Toxicology, Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, and US Health Works, our lab grade synthetic urine is available for both males and females. Our proprietary scientific formula carefully balances specific gravity, creatine, and pH levels in order to ensure a top quality product for bargain prices. Every ounce of synthetic urine appears natural and is undetectable because it mimics all components of natural urine down to its molecular structure. Quick Fix Synthetic screens all our product with pretesting using the same equipment as state of the art testing labs in order to be 100% certain that we offer the best pee around. This is why we feel confident in saying that our fake urine is guaranteed to pass any test while providing you the peace of mind in knowing that your personal information is protected.

  • Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry Testing

    gs/gc testingGas chromatography—mass spectrometry is a means of analyzing samples to identify individual substances using the features of gas-liquid chromatography as well as mass spectrometry. In 1952, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry testing was developed by Martin and James. However, at that time these machines could only be used in laboratories. Making computers smaller and cheaper has helped make this test simpler and reduced the time it takes for analysis of a sample. Under the supervision of Robert E. Finnigan, a company called Electronic Associates, Incorporated, which supplied analog computers, started developing a quadruple mass spectrometer that was controlled by a computer in 1964. With the help of Mike Uthe, by 1966, Electronic Associates had sold more than 500 gas-analyzers. The Finnigan Instrument Corporation was developed in 1967, and the first prototype of the quadruple gas chromatography—mass spectrometry instrument was presented to Purdue and Stanford University. Finnigan Instrument Corporation became the leader, worldwide, in gas chromatography—mass spectrometry systems and ultimately changed its name to Finnigan Corporation. The high speed gas chromatography—mass spectrometry instruments were able to analyze fire accelerants in less than a minute and a half in 1966, while the original gas chromatography—mass spectrometry instruments took 16 minutes or more. Computerized gas chromatography—mass spectrometry units, that use quadruple technology, became one of the foremost tools for analyzing organic materials by the 2000s. This method also became necessary for chemical research by the 2000s. They are now, to a wide degree, used to monitor water, air and soil environmentally. They are also used for the production and discovery of medicine; and to regulate food safety and agriculture. Gas chromatography—mass spectrometry can be used to investigate fires and explosives, for environmental analysis, to detect drugs and to identify substances of an unknown origin. It can identify elements in materials that used to be considered too disintegrated to identify. Gas chromatography—mass spectrometry can also detect substances on a human being or in luggage as they pass through airport security. Because gas chromatography—mass spectrometry testing performs a specific test, it has been considered to be a paragon of excellence when it comes to identifying forensic substances. A test that is specific will show the presence of certain matter in a particular sample. A test that is not specific will not show the presence of certain matter, instead it will show the category that the matter fits into. The problem with a test that is not specific is that, statistically, it may imply that a certain substance is present. However, this can be misleading, causing a false positive identification. To avoid false positive identification in non-specific tests, and to protect one’s privacy when gas chromatography—mass spectrometry is used, the production of lab grade urine has become necessary. Spectrum Labs urine passes gas chromatography—mass spectrometry screening tests. It is tested, using this method, prior to being packaged. Therefore, they offer a 200% guarantee that their lab grade synthetic urine will pass gas chromatography—mass spectrometry testing. This lab grade synthetic urine is available at

Quick Fix Synthetic | Your Synthetic Urine Solution

Keep your private life private.

We are Quick Fix Synthetic, and we are committed to keeping your medical information discrete. What you do on your own time is none of anybody else’s business. If you are caught in an unfortunate situation where your job or future is at risk, don’t stress about flunking a urinalysis. Quick Fix is created in a laboratory, for precise replication and a guaranteed clean sample. Our formula combines the perfect balance of specific gravity, creative content, pH, and protein color. It is identical in molecular structure to natural urine, so it is impossible to differentiate in any urinalysis test. Each batch is pre tested before it is shipped out to you. Quick fix is unisex and pre-mixed for your convenience, no preparation on your end besides warming it up.

If you’re caught in a pinch, we offer quick worldwide shipping options in times of trouble for last minute urgent needs. When your future is at stake, you can’t afford to take risks. We keep your order history private and ship in discrete packaging.

Don’t trust your future to a detox drink. It is an unpleasant experience all-around, accompanying an unreliable method of providing a clean urine sample. Don’t waste your time or money.

Your Quick Fix fake urine includes all the components necessary to pass a urine drug test with flying colors. Each complete pack comes with a 2oz of synthetic urine, pour spout cap, temperature strip, and heating pad to keep it to body temperature throughout the day. Our Canadian Quick Fix is for those who test for uric acid in certain states.

We are the only synthetic urine company to offer a money back guarantee. We boast a 100% success rate. Quick fix synthetic has the longest shelf life of all synthetic urine products in the market. When you purchase your order, you are set for 2 years. Your sample will come with its batch number. Keep it with your sample, and be sure to verify with us before using to be sure it hasn’t expired. Quick fix synthetic won’t do you wrong as long as you follow the directions and check the stock product information for expiration information before use.

What goes on behind closed doors should stay there. When big life events come up suddenly, have confidence you will pass your test with ease every time. Trust Quick Fix for your last minute synthetic urine needs.
synthetic urine quick fix

About Quick Fix Synthetic

Welcome to Quick Fix Synthetic, the web’s most trusted name in fake urine! Our company was founded on the basic human principles of freedom, discretion and privacy. Now the #1 selling synthetic urine in the world, Quick Fix works tirelessly to exceed the growing expectations of our customers with a full line of brilliant products. We make it possible for you to pass your urine test with confidence and ease, every time.

With us, short notice, global delivery is never a problem. Nobody ships faster than Quick Fix Synthetic! Our products offer the best price online, minimizing the barriers between you and those squeaky clean results. And don’t worry, we always use discreet packaging on all orders.

Best of all, our fake pee is guaranteed to pass any screen. Our proprietary scientific formula has been brilliantly developed with balance for specific gravity, creatine and Ph levels.

We’ve been doing this longer and better than virtually all of our competitors so you can rest assured when it’s time to unzip. Don’t be caught with your pants down when the next urinalysis pops up – get Quick Fix Synthetic today!

quick fix drug testquick fix drug testquick fix drug test
synthetic urine quick fix

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synthetic urine quick fix


I have used Quick Fix 5.7 with success over the last 7 years! Simply follow the directions provided and I guarantee you pass. Amy TX

I routinely purchase my Quick Fix kits from this site, customer service is excellent. Your free shipping upgrade is super fast I will be sure to let my friends know. Extra thanks to Ryan for patiently answering my questions via email on my most recent order it helped out a lot . Nathaniel OR

Thank you I got my results back and passed with flying colors. I used the Quick Fix plus Canadian version and the overnight shipping arrived as promised. Thank’s you saved my life literally. Jackie  FL

Highly recommended! Great customer service discreet shipping and billing much appreciated. keep up the good work. Jamal  OH

This product works wonders and I am a true believer, popped it in the microwave 10 seconds strapped it to my leg and got on my way. I Passed my 10 panel test it was easy to use, what a fantastic product. Greg AK

I’ve tried other brands of urine and failed, once you try Quick Fix by Urineluck you will never use anything else. The urine is pre tested in a lab setting so you can be confident it will pass a lab screen. Amar CO

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