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Buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kits from the people you trust! holds our customers up to the highest level of service possible. Our shipping makes buying Quick Fix from us a no brainer! We are rated at the top for reliable and fast delivery of your Quick Fix when you need it. There is no other fake urine kit out there with the same natural characteristics and quality of Quick Fix by Spectrum Labs. All synthetic urine is shipped discreetly for your protection.

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synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
  • New Quck Fix 6.1 version

    Announcing Quick Fix Synthetic Urine in a New Quick Mix Version 6.1. This new version contains premixed uric acid for job hire testing, on-the-job random testing, and in other venues that that require urine testing for gateway opportunities. The New Quick Fix Version 6.1 is a laboratory grade synthetic urine that will render the successful urine testing result desired. This is because of the R&D efforts of over 11 years by the developers of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, Spectrum Labs. The result: a superb synthetic urine formula with a 2-year shelf life and biocide guarantee. Urine Testing – The Private Side No matter how important that job or gateway opportunity, urine testing is invasive and denies privacy. Furthermore, it can be very intimidating because of the risk of false positives produced for any number of reasons. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Version 6.1 will outperform human urine. Its molecular structure simulates the components of natural urine. Its chemistry profile -- pH balanced, specific gravity, creatine, uric acid, protein, color and foam. There is one outstanding difference: no toxins, no impurities. It is a product that can be used by males and females of any age. Because Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Version 6.1 is premixed, it can be prepared with ease in situations that are time sensitive or even random. It’s so easy to use: simply, warm and pour. This takes about 15 seconds. If for some reason it is not used, it can be reheated at another time! Everything that is needed is included in its attractively designed packaging. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Version 6.1 can be purchased online at and shipped discreetly. It is available through select online retailers as well. Synthetic Urine Used as a Medicinal Interestingly, synthetic urine can be used as a topical medicinal. While synthetic urine is not intended for ingestion, urine therapy, also recognized as an alternative medicine, has long been relied upon for a variety of curative powers. The Asian Indian culture has used human urine as a traditional medicine. In the age old Indian practice of Ayurveda, human urine therapy known as Amaroli involves, to a great degree, the ingestion of human urine. However, human urine also is used topically for bathing, applying to various skin conditions and to the scalp for hair growth. What makes topical use of synthetic urine such a highly desirable substitute in urine therapy are its closely aligned characteristics to that of human urine but without the toxins or impurities. Information About Quick Fix Versions 6.0 and 6.1 Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Version 6.0 (the Canadian version) has been discontinued; Version 6.1 replaces it with two features: pre mixed uric acid in every bottle! What does this mean? It means it will work in every location in any situation alongside it's 2-year shelf life. Uric acid content is required for Canada lab test facilities as well as those in California, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia and Hawaii and Ohio so to avoid confusion it will be placed in every sample from here out. Spectrum Labs is so sure you will be totally satisfied with the New Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Version 6.1 that is offering a double guarantee on “pass”!

  • How long does synthetic urine last?

    How long does synthetic urine last Quick Fix synthetic urine has an approximate shelf life of two years. It really depends on the product, other companies will only guarantee it for a year. It is also recommended that it is stored away from direct sunlight, and at room temperature. Direct sunlight ca disrupt pH levels. Quick Fix synthetic urine can also be heated and cooled without affecting its ingredients within a two year period. The synthetic urine can be heated between 90 and 100 degrees for 10 seconds in a microwave, making it suitable for using. Labs have created synthetic uses for scientific purpose and medicinal uses. Its process is toxin free, clean, fresher, and better balanced. Synthetic urine is also used for alternative therapy health benefits going back over 5000 years in the Indian culture. Other uses include sexual fetishes, and pranks, without being concerned of the substance containing toxins or risk of disease. Synthetic pee contains all ingredients as natural urine Quick Fix can be used by men or women, as there is no difference in the process. The synthetic urine is very quick to prepare and takes approximately 15 seconds of preparation. The lab process makes it completely undetectable to see a difference between real and fake man made urine. Preparation instructions must be followed accurately for best results. With Quick Fix there is no measuring or mixing solutions, so heating it is as simple as it gets. The temperature strip will assure that the urine is at the correct body temperature. The heat pad keeps the urine warm up to 6 hours, giving you ample time for whatever you intend to use it for. It is recommended to shake the bottle a little before and after heating for any settling of ingredients. There are several methods for warming synthetic urine. For example, hand warmers are an easy and convenient process of keeping urine warm. Hand warmers are also easy to use because they can slip into pockets, socks, gloves, or any small area in your clothing. Hand warmers are also small, and can generate heat up to 10 hours. Other methods include microwaving the urine, though it won't last as long simulating body temperature. And foot warmers very similar to hand warmers can to the trick. If you need to keep it at a certain temperature, purchasing some strip gauges can keep you aware of the temperature of the urine. This scientific lab created formulas has all the ingredients of well balanced pH levels, creatine, and specific gravity that completely mimics real urine. It can also be reheated without losing any specific balance. No additional ingredients can be added or it will contaminate the balance levels. Synthetic urine is laboratory tested to produce the highest quality of a body's natural urine. For quality produced synthetic urine, Quick Fix is the best lab created urine formula created and tested for undetectable similarity of real urine ingredients. This quality produced formula, will amaze any lab trained technician of the high quality produced synthetic urine ever created. Quick Fix synthetic urine is the best synthetic made formula in the market today! thinking

  • Synthetic urine in a nutshell

    Synthetic Urine One of the fastest growing problems in society is the increasing lack of privacy afforded by governments, private corporations, and even our neighbors. There are many things that can complicate this issue such as legal action, social media, and even urine tests. Urine testing is quickly becoming common practice among private companies, the government, and a score of other sectors in our society. One of the things that was supposed to be afforded by the Constitution of the United States was the ability to live your life as you see fit so long as you didn't affect others. This seems to have steadily eroded into the nanny state we see today. Thankfully, there is still one company out there who can help you regain at least a portion of your life. is a company dedicated to help you next time you have to take a urine test. They produce a quality, unisex, and traceless urine that guaranteed to help you pass your next urine test with ease. Our new formula Quick Fix 6.1 is formulated to stay ahead of all labs with it's pre mixed uric acid formula. One of the best features of this synthetic urine is that it's 100% untraceable. That means that they will be unable to prove that it isn't your urine. In addition, you can also rest assured that certain substances will not show up which may be prohibited where you work, live, or frequent. In addition, the fact that it's traceless means that both men and women can use it without fear of being detected. This type of product will revolutionize the way privacy works in our world. Take back the freedom that should be guaranteed by our government. Urine is an extremely personal thing and each individual should get a say if they want to give some of it up or not. This product gives you that choice again and ensures that you have full control over your body instead of someone else. This new Quick Fix 6.1 formula is ahead of its time and cannot be detected by any lab at this point in time. That gives you the peace of mind you need to use this product freely without concern for being caught. In addition, Quick Fix Synthetic constantly updates their products to ensure they stay one step ahead of the labs therefore securing your safety and providing a top quality product. Use Quick fix synthetic urine 6.1 for job hire testing, Government testing, sports, and a host of other methods that may jeopardize your opportunity for success. The world is really the limit for what this product can do to help you pass your urine exams. Stop wasting time and visit our website today to learn more about this miracle product. It will revolutionize the way you live your life and give you peace of mind knowing that you've taken back one more piece of your privacy. Don't let another person intrude into your life again, take action now and know that you're secure. and their miracle synthetic urine product is untraceable, unisex, and destined to reinvent the way we protect ourselves in the future.

Quick Fix Synthetic | Your Synthetic Urine Solution

Keep your private life private.

We are Quick Fix Synthetic, and we are committed to keeping your medical information discrete. What you do on your own time is none of anybody else’s business. If you are caught in an unfortunate situation where your job or future is at risk, don’t stress about flunking a urinalysis. Quick Fix is created in a laboratory, for precise replication and a guaranteed clean sample. Our formula combines the perfect balance of specific gravity, creative content, pH, and protein color. It is identical in molecular structure to natural urine, so it is impossible to differentiate in any urinalysis test. Each batch is pre tested before it is shipped out to you. Quick fix is unisex and pre-mixed for your convenience, no preparation on your end besides warming it up.

If you’re caught in a pinch, we offer quick worldwide shipping options in times of trouble for last minute urgent needs. When your future is at stake, you can’t afford to take risks. We keep your order history private and ship in discrete packaging.

Don’t trust your future to a detox drink. It is an unpleasant experience all-around, accompanying an unreliable method of providing a clean urine sample. Don’t waste your time or money.

Your Quick Fix fake urine includes all the components necessary to pass a urine drug test with flying colors. Each complete pack comes with a 2oz of synthetic urine, pour spout cap, temperature strip, and heating pad to keep it to body temperature throughout the day. Our Canadian Quick Fix is for those who test for uric acid in certain states.

We are the only synthetic urine company to offer a money back guarantee. We boast a 100% success rate. Quick fix synthetic has the longest shelf life of all synthetic urine products in the market. When you purchase your order, you are set for 2 years. Your sample will come with its batch number. Keep it with your sample, and be sure to verify with us before using to be sure it hasn’t expired. Quick fix synthetic won’t do you wrong as long as you follow the directions and check the stock product information for expiration information before use.

What goes on behind closed doors should stay there. When big life events come up suddenly, have confidence you will pass your test with ease every time. Trust Quick Fix for your last minute synthetic urine needs.
synthetic urine quick fix

About Quick Fix Synthetic

Welcome to Quick Fix Synthetic, the web’s most trusted name in fake urine! Our company was founded on the basic human principles of freedom, discretion and privacy. Now the #1 selling synthetic urine in the world, Quick Fix works tirelessly to exceed the growing expectations of our customers with a full line of brilliant products. We make it possible for you to pass your urine test with confidence and ease, every time.

With us, short notice, global delivery is never a problem. Nobody ships faster than Quick Fix Synthetic! Our products offer the best price online, minimizing the barriers between you and those squeaky clean results. And don’t worry, we always use discreet packaging on all orders.

Best of all, our fake pee is guaranteed to pass any screen. Our proprietary scientific formula has been brilliantly developed with balance for specific gravity, creatine and Ph levels.

We’ve been doing this longer and better than virtually all of our competitors so you can rest assured when it’s time to unzip. Don’t be caught with your pants down when the next urinalysis pops up – get Quick Fix Synthetic today!

quick fix drug testquick fix drug testquick fix drug test
synthetic urine quick fix

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synthetic urine quick fix


I have used Quick Fix 5.7 with success over the last 7 years! Simply follow the directions provided and I guarantee you pass. Amy TX

I routinely purchase my Quick Fix kits from this site, customer service is excellent. Your free shipping upgrade is super fast I will be sure to let my friends know. Extra thanks to Ryan for patiently answering my questions via email on my most recent order it helped out a lot . Nathaniel OR

Thank you I got my results back and passed with flying colors. I used the Quick Fix plus Canadian version and the overnight shipping arrived as promised. Thank’s you saved my life literally. Jackie  FL

Highly recommended! Great customer service discreet shipping and billing much appreciated. keep up the good work. Jamal  OH

This product works wonders and I am a true believer, popped it in the microwave 10 seconds strapped it to my leg and got on my way. I Passed my 10 panel test it was easy to use, what a fantastic product. Greg AK

I’ve tried other brands of urine and failed, once you try Quick Fix by Urineluck you will never use anything else. The urine is pre tested in a lab setting so you can be confident it will pass a lab screen. Amar CO

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