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Buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kits from the people you trust! holds our customers up to the highest level of service possible. Our shipping makes buying Quick Fix from us a no brainer! We are rated at the top for reliable and fast delivery of your Quick Fix when you need it. There is no other fake urine kit out there with the same natural characteristics and quality of Quick Fix by Spectrum Labs. All synthetic urine is shipped discreetly for your protection.

Discreet Packaging • Specifically Balanced pH and Gravity • Guaranteed to Pass Screening

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synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
synthetic urine quick fix
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    Hair Detox Shampoo Although follicle testing is more expensive than other toxicology tests, many large corporations have instituted hair follicle testing as part of the hiring process. With only a few strands of hair, the potential employer can learn answers to unasked toxicology questions eliminating many current and future employees. The independent laboratory results can detect chemicals in the system through the hair for up to 90 days. These hair based lab results can identify trace amounts of chemicals embedded in the cortex of the hair. Because this process is proven effective, all of the Las Vegas casinos have integrated follicle testing into the the hiring process, in addition to, the random testing given to current employees. Individuals have gone to great links to circumvent this procedure by shaving all body hair; however, the casino usually out plays the applicant retrieving a sample from an odd location such as the eye lashes or toes. How does one beat the odds? The Get Clean Hair Shampoo Detox will remove the unwanted toxins from the hair for a full four to five hours providing a significant testing window. The four fluid ounces of the detox shampoo kit produce a clean reading on the lab analysis. Because the hair follicle testing has gained a reputation of accuracy, it is important to focus on the detoxification of the hair. This procedure is gaining momentum in the human resource industry; thus, this fact affects all industries. Think about this: If the hair absorbs the odors of the environment, such as fried food or a camp fire scent, it is nearly unimaginable what chemical compounds are trapped because they were absorbed from the inside. Environmental smells can be washed off; whereas, compounds absorbed from the inside became part of the body chemistry for a longer period of time. Hiring professionals are aware of this and are using this fact to screen employees. Whether the employment goal is a position at a casino or another large corporation, using the Get Clean Hair Shampoo Detox masks to body toxins and preserves privacy. It is argued that the hair follicle test is less invasive than the embarrassing urine and saliva tests. But is it really? More information is available from the hair follicle test. The technician removes several strands and soak it in a solvent solution that dissolves the follicle; this is when the toxins are released. This testing reveals all toxins in the body giving more medical information than acceptable for future or current employers. Do employers need to know medical history to determine the quality of the employee? That is too much information; using the Get Clean Hair Shampoo Detox keeps the toxins masked from the testing process and employment screening.

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    Many companies are conducting pre employment urine screenings. People that are already at the company may also have to submit to urine screenings from time to time. Sports teams are also checking urine. It seems like more places than ever are requiring urine lab screenings. There are times when a person may question if their urine is clean and if they are going to be able to pass the specimen test. others want to keep their past to themselves. For people that want to be on the safe side they can purchase Quick Fix Synthetic Urine and be confident that they are going to be able to pass the screening. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is made to resemble the composition of real human urine. The color, the ph levels, and even the weight by volume, specific gravity, and creatine are the same as real urine. This urine will help a person pass any lab screening. There is no need to mix anything and no mess. Synthetic urine will allow a person to keep their medical history private. The urine is hormone free so it can be used by a man or a woman. This kit has everything a person needs to be able to pass their screening. The kit includes a pouch of synthetic urine, a heating pad to warm up the urine, a plastic temperature strip to make sure the urine reaches the correct temperature, and a pore spout cap. There are also easy to follow directions that will tell a person step by step how to use this kit. This kit along with the urine will help take the stress out of lab screenings. The best place to purchase this synthetic urine is at This store guarantees the synthetic urine is authentic and will help a person pass their lab screening. The urine will be fresh and they will never send out synthetic urine that has expired. There are many counterfeit synthetic urine products on the flooding the market. Many of them do not work. This site will never sell them and will only provide their customers will top quality synthetic urine that is guaranteed to pass any urine screening. Now a person can even save money on all of their purchases from this site. They can save on synthetic urine, the ready to use kits, and everything else a person can need. The coupon code passthat can be applied to any order and help a person save money on their purchase. This site has many offers on their urine products and offers them at reasonable prices. Now a person can afford what they need in order to pass their lab screening. Many people dream lab screening. Even if a person did not have medical issues in the past they still want to keep their private life private. Quick Fix urine will help a person pass their screening and get the job or keep their job. Now is the best time to make a purchase with the money saving coupon code. quick fix synthetic

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    Many people may need to use a urine substitute product. One of the products that can be use is a synthetic product by the name of Urineluck. You can use Urineluck fake urine which is a clean alternative to your own urine. This product is lab tested, of human grade and guaranteed to pass any lab screening. This is a high grade product and not a cheap substitute. This is a product that has a great deal of science behind it. It has a number of great options and something you can take advantage of when you need to pass that all important screening. Several sizes and varieties of these products are available. These some of the things you need and can take advantage of when your using a fake urine product. There are also other detoxifying agents on the site that you may use if need be. There is a complete science behind this product. Some of the options you can use when you choose to get the Urineluck is a chemically balanced product that has the same chemical compounds present in natural urine, It is PH balanced,it includes creatine and mother chemical components present in natural urine. It has color, smell, foam and is virtually indistinguishable from standard urine. Urineluck is one o the thins you may need for the all lab testing. It is a helpful item you can use when you have to be tested for any reason. The product is not new on the scene and has been around for over 9 years, has a 200 percent guarantee, and is on the things you may need to make sure you have no positive lab tests. There is likely no other great option you need to make sure you can get that all important job. Urineluck is one of the great innovations you need and can take advantage of when you need to take a test. It also contains biocides and has a shelf life of two years or more. The best thing about this product is that it is unisex so can be used equally well by either gender. Many people will use this product and will find it is an item they may need to get the proper results from their screening. Urineluck is a great product and one that is affordable. Your job is important to you, and having a screening may be something that you need to do at some point. Urineluck is one of the things you may need so you have the confidence you need to pass. Make sure to get the quality and affordablilty you are looking fore when you choose a fake urine product. We have the urine you need, and it is something that is lab tested and not a cheap knock off product. Our Urine product is one that can make your happy you chose to go this route with a rigorously tested product and one that has only great press and is long lasting. In addition to the fake urine products you can also choose detoxifying agents or shampoos if this is something you might be interested in.These are quality product that have stood the test of time, as our company has been in business several years. Get the quality products you need at he price you can afford. Urineluck is one of the best products. We have a 200 percent money back guarantee, live chat help, and instructions how to use the product, so you have a urine substitute of the right temperature and consistency for use. It is easily available on the web. It is a good thing to use for an all important screening. Fake urine prank.

Quick Fix Synthetic | Your Synthetic Urine Solution

Keep your private life private.

We are Quick Fix Synthetic, and we are committed to keeping your medical information discrete. What you do on your own time is none of anybody else’s business. If you are caught in an unfortunate situation where your job or future is at risk, don’t stress about flunking a urinalysis. Quick Fix is created in a laboratory, for precise replication and a guaranteed clean sample. Our formula combines the perfect balance of specific gravity, creative content, pH, and protein color. It is identical in molecular structure to natural urine, so it is impossible to differentiate in any urinalysis test. Each batch is pre tested before it is shipped out to you. Quick fix is unisex and pre-mixed for your convenience, no preparation on your end besides warming it up.

If you’re caught in a pinch, we offer quick worldwide shipping options in times of trouble for last minute urgent needs. When your future is at stake, you can’t afford to take risks. We keep your order history private and ship in discrete packaging.

Don’t trust your future to a detox drink. It is an unpleasant experience all-around, accompanying an unreliable method of providing a clean urine sample. Don’t waste your time or money.

Your Quick Fix fake urine includes all the components necessary to pass a urine drug test with flying colors. Each complete pack comes with a 2oz of synthetic urine, pour spout cap, temperature strip, and heating pad to keep it to body temperature throughout the day. Our Canadian Quick Fix is for those who test for uric acid in certain states.

We are the only synthetic urine company to offer a money back guarantee. We boast a 100% success rate. Quick fix synthetic has the longest shelf life of all synthetic urine products in the market. When you purchase your order, you are set for 2 years. Your sample will come with its batch number. Keep it with your sample, and be sure to verify with us before using to be sure it hasn’t expired. Quick fix synthetic won’t do you wrong as long as you follow the directions and check the stock product information for expiration information before use.

What goes on behind closed doors should stay there. When big life events come up suddenly, have confidence you will pass your test with ease every time. Trust Quick Fix for your last minute synthetic urine needs.
synthetic urine quick fix

About Quick Fix Synthetic

Welcome to Quick Fix Synthetic, the web’s most trusted name in fake urine! Our company was founded on the basic human principles of freedom, discretion and privacy. Now the #1 selling synthetic urine in the world, Quick Fix works tirelessly to exceed the growing expectations of our customers with a full line of brilliant products. We make it possible for you to pass your urine test with confidence and ease, every time.

With us, short notice, global delivery is never a problem. Nobody ships faster than Quick Fix Synthetic! Our products offer the best price online, minimizing the barriers between you and those squeaky clean results. And don’t worry, we always use discreet packaging on all orders.

Best of all, our fake pee is guaranteed to pass any screen. Our proprietary scientific formula has been brilliantly developed with balance for specific gravity, creatine and Ph levels.

We’ve been doing this longer and better than virtually all of our competitors so you can rest assured when it’s time to unzip. Don’t be caught with your pants down when the next urinalysis pops up – get Quick Fix Synthetic today!

quick fix drug testquick fix drug testquick fix drug test
synthetic urine quick fix

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synthetic urine quick fix


I have used Quick Fix 5.7 with success over the last 7 years! Simply follow the directions provided and I guarantee you pass. Amy TX

I routinely purchase my Quick Fix kits from this site, customer service is excellent. Your free shipping upgrade is super fast I will be sure to let my friends know. Extra thanks to Ryan for patiently answering my questions via email on my most recent order it helped out a lot . Nathaniel OR

Thank you I got my results back and passed with flying colors. I used the Quick Fix plus Canadian version and the overnight shipping arrived as promised. Thank’s you saved my life literally. Jackie  FL

Highly recommended! Great customer service discreet shipping and billing much appreciated. keep up the good work. Jamal  OH

This product works wonders and I am a true believer, popped it in the microwave 10 seconds strapped it to my leg and got on my way. I Passed my 10 panel test it was easy to use, what a fantastic product. Greg AK

I’ve tried other brands of urine and failed, once you try Quick Fix by Urineluck you will never use anything else. The urine is pre tested in a lab setting so you can be confident it will pass a lab screen. Amar CO

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