Buy fake piss

Buy fake piss

Posted February 26th, 2012

Buy Fake Piss for Your Future

In light of the recent economy, keeping your job is more important than it’s ever been and popularity of people who buy fake pee. The fact that you indulge in recreational drug use, something that isn’t necessarily approved by your company, shouldn’t penalize you. You’re in your off-time and are entitled to some fun. Your company shouldn’t be able to dictate what you do to relax in your personal time. Perhaps, you were caught in an unfortunate contact-use situation at a party. Lots of companies now do random drug tests. Employee scrutiny is high and employers have higher expectations of their workers. They know that if one employee doesn’t work out; there are thousands ready to jump through hoops to land that job. Even if you aren’t worried about a current employer, there may still be a time you need to worry about a drug test. There are many unexpected situations where passing a drug test is imperative. What happens when your dream job calls and wants to see you right away for a second interview and a drug test? Whatever the circumstances, you now need to worry about a drug test. There’s no need to panic.

Does fake piss work?
Whatever situation you now find yourself in, you need to pass that drug test. There’s no need to search for a disgusting cleansing drink, somehow choke it down, then hope and pray that it works. The number one, guaranteed solution is fake piss. That unexpected spur-of-the-moment drug test almost demands that you buy fake piss. How else would you pass? But how does fake piss work? The fake urine is synthetic and will pass not only the drug test but will pass for real urine in lab tests. That’s the answer to the question, does fake piss work?

Does fake piss work better than real urine from another source?
It’s ingenious when you think about it. Your urine is compromised so you need to find piss to replace yours. It’s doubtful that your friend’s urine will fair any better than yours would. No offense to your friend but he or she was probably at that party too, or on the couch next to you while you were taking that much needed relaxation time. So, their piss won’t work. This fake piss will work.

But how does fake piss work exactly?
It’s easy to buy fake piss. You buy fake piss and it’s delivered to your home straight through the mail. There’s no reason anyone should know or even guess that you had to buy fake piss since it’s delivered in discreet packaging. It definitely wouldn’t say fake piss in big letters on the side of the package. It comes with different size containers. These containers are best kept close to the body to absorb the warmth and keep the fake piss at body temperature. When the time is right, the fake piss is put into the collection container provided by the testing company.

In the end, when used according to the instructions, you have no job worries. Buy fake piss and keep the extra around in case of an emergency, for that unexpected random employee drug test. If you want to switch jobs or need a new job, fake urine could be the difference between landing that job or losing it.

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About Quick Fix Synthetic

Welcome to Quick Fix Synthetic, the web’s most trusted name in fake urine! Our company was founded on the basic human principles of freedom, discretion and privacy. Now the #1 selling synthetic urine in the world, Quick Fix works tirelessly to exceed the growing expectations of our customers with a full line of brilliant products. We make it possible for you to pass your urine test with confidence and ease, every time.

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We’ve been doing this longer and better than virtually all of our competitors so you can rest assured when it’s time to unzip. Don’t be caught with your pants down when the next urinalysis pops up – get Quick Fix Synthetic today!

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I have used Quick Fix 5.7 with success over the last 7 years! Simply follow the directions provided and I guarantee you pass. Amy TX

I routinely purchase my Quick Fix kits from this site, customer service is excellent. Your free shipping upgrade is super fast I will be sure to let my friends know. Extra thanks to Ryan for patiently answering my questions via email on my most recent order it helped out a lot . Nathaniel OR

Thank you I got my results back and passed with flying colors. I used the Quick Fix plus Canadian version and the overnight shipping arrived as promised. Thank’s you saved my life literally. Jackie  FL

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This product works wonders and I am a true believer, popped it in the microwave 10 seconds strapped it to my leg and got on my way. I Passed my 10 panel test it was easy to use, what a fantastic product. Greg AK

I’ve tried other brands of urine and failed, once you try Quick Fix by Urineluck you will never use anything else. The urine is pre tested in a lab setting so you can be confident it will pass a lab screen. Amar CO

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